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A History of McCrohan(James McCrohan of Texas, U.S.A.)

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McCrohans of Texas?
My Family TreeAnonymous writes "Posting on behalf of Bill McCrohan in Texas.
Can anyone help ....?
Mike McCrohan (Galway)

Hi my name is Bill McCrohan, I live in Texas and have two brothers. We are always wanting to know more about the McCrohan name, as our father who also lives in Texas never had the chance to meet and get to know his father Dan McCrohan...

My father's mother and his father seperated when he was but an infant. My father's grandmother who helped raise my father would not allow his father the right to visit him. My father always thought that his father never wanted to get to know him, but later found out that this was not true. After my father's grandmother passed away they found numerous letters that my father's father had written him, but his grandmother hid them from he and my grandmother. It is my understanding that my father's father was from the San Angelo, Texas area and later moved to the Las Cruces, New Mexico area. I am not sure how accurate this information is, but if by some chance you would have any information on McCrohan's in the Texas and New Mexico areas it would be greatly appreciated. I am 33 years old and hve never known any other McCrohans except for my father and 2 brothers. I would like this to change if at all possible. My e-mail address is Thank you, Bill McCrohan"
Posted on Monday, 06 November 2000 @ 23:36:45 EST by Admin

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Re: McCrohans of Texas? (Score: 1)
by Jerry ( on Sunday, 19 November 2000 @ 12:30:57 EST
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Hi Bill

I recently discovered two powerful internet tools which are useful for finding names/people.

The first is SwithBoard.Com. It's US-oriented, but seems to have good information. I searched for McCrohan in Texas, and was given a list of 19 McCrohans living in Texas (address/telephone) including a Bill McCrohan which I'm presuming to be you :-)

One of the neat things about is that it allows you to lookup McCrohans on a national scale i.e. you're not obliged to specify the state. When I did this it told me that it had found 100+ McCrohans in the U.S.

Another useful resource is InfoSpace. InfoSpace has whitepages listings for many countries in the world.

Hope this is useful.


Re: McCrohans of Texas? (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Wednesday, 13 December 2000 @ 13:12:48 EST
Your story is interesting to me as it shows how far and wide the McCrohans migrated from Ireland over the last 150 years. Brian Eugene McCrohan , Melbourne, Victoria , Australia.

Re: McCrohans of Texas? (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Tuesday, 09 January 2001 @ 22:44:56 EST
Hi Bill,

My name is also Bill McCrohan and I live in New Jersey.

My grandfather (Maurice) was born in Monmouth Counry, New Jersey in 1872. He had a brother named Daniel. I do not know Daniel''s date or place of birth. My Great Grandparents were Bartholomew and Mary (nee Ahern). They died in Colchester Conn.. Bartholomew was born May 15,1833, either in Ireland or Philadelphia PA. (Family oral history says Ireland - death record says Philadelphia). He died Feb. 26, 1904. Mary was born Jan. 10,1835 again in either Ireland or Philadelphia and died Sept. 03, 1909.

It would be interesting if we are cousins. I do not know any other Bill McCrohan, except for my father!



Re: McCrohans of Texas? (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Saturday, 13 January 2001 @ 02:06:30 EST
Hello Bill!!
I am Richard McCrohan. I live in Texas and my father, Lecil McCrohan ( was raised in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Whatever questions you may have, he may be able to answer. Don't quote me though =)I am sure that i have heard of Dan McCrohan by my father. The information you have heard of San Angelo to Las Cruces is the same info I have heard myself. My father in fact married a young woman (my mother) that he met while attending school in Las Cruces. I am 27 years old, and live in Mesquite, Texas. I have an uncle Emmett McCrohan, an uncle Curtis McCrohan, and a cousin Todd McCrohan that live pretty close by. I have a brother Emmett McCrohan as well, and a brother who passed about 8 years ago in a fire named Michael McCrohan. Take care and feel free to email me at

Re: McCrohans of Texas? (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Saturday, 13 January 2001 @ 18:27:45 EST
Hi Bill,
My name is Lecil McCrohan.My dads name was Dan McCrohan who was from San Angelo and was stationed in Hatch New Mexico at the POW Camp. He married Oleta Sullivan in 1945. He had a brother Emmett McCrohan and 3 sisters Mary and Edith and Mabel. Before my mom he was married and I know there was a child named Sally. My dad died in April 12 1969 and is buried in Anthony Mew Mexico. I would like very much to correspond and get to know more about our possible extended family.

Re: McCrohans of Texas? (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Wednesday, 24 January 2001 @ 16:58:33 EST
Hello, my name is Patrick Oconnell McCrohan, it sounds like your grandfather and mine were brothers, his name was Geoffery Oconnell McCrohan.
The Tom Green Co. Library has info. in thier archives about the McCrohans coming to this area.
In a newspaper article dated 12-11-80 Dave McCrohan says that Eugene McCrohan was born in County Kilkenny, Ireland. In 1851 his parents John McCrohan and Dora Oconnell fled to Spain.
In 1867, Eugene brought his family to the Concho Valley, two children were born here, they were Dan and Isabell. They operated a dairy and brewery. I hope this helps, please feel free to e-mail me a

Re: McCrohans of Texas? (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Saturday, 03 February 2001 @ 02:05:37 EST
Well, this is Richard again, and I just wanted to come and update the board, in case anyone was wondering how this was turning out. It is very exciting. Bill in fact is a cousin I never knew I had. As I understand it, my Uncle Curtis McCrohan has been speaking with Bill's dad and we are to meet soon. Amazing!! You just never know until you start looking =) I am looking forward to meeting my new family and I'll update the board in the near future. Maybe we can find out some new information regarding the genealogy on my grandfather's side????? Never know. Take care all, and keep diggin'

Re: McCrohans of Texas? (Score: 1)
by Peanut ( on Thursday, 24 May 2012 @ 18:19:11 EDT
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Hello my name is Lisa and I am Sallye Daughter Dan was my grandad I would to get to know more of my mothers family on her dads side.I have meet her brothers and sister from New Mexico  but they are the only ones I have meet I remember when I was little I did meet Mable but no one else my mom Sallye pass on Dec.22,1999 and we buried her on Dec.24 ,1999 her mother name was Anne and I know that their was another child before my mom he died as an infant and is buried in San Angelo by my mother and grandmother I beleive his name was Danny .it would be nice to have a Mccrohan family get together.


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