James McCrohan's Survey - responses from Ireland
Date: Sunday, 26 August 2001 @ 20:43:09 EDT
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Contributions from Ireland to the survey of McCrohan genealogy..

From the research of James McCrohan, Dallas, Texas.

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I a. Mrs. Anna Fullam, Naas, County Kildare, Republic of Ireland - Mrs. Fullam, a long time resident of Naas, is a McCrohan through her mother, and she pulled together a large collection of information on the McCrohan history, copies of which are attached.  It was she who called my, our attention to the circumstance that there are a considerable body of McCrohans today in Spain, descendants of those who left Ireland in the 18th century.  She prepared a summary of the lives of Don Eugene McCrohan and his son Manuel McCrohan, who became a Rear Admiral in the Spanish navy and was Captain General of the great naval base at Cadiz at his death in 1877.  He also served as Governor General of the Philippines back when those islands were a Spanish colony.  His son, Manuel, Jr., also rose to be a ranking officer in the Spanish navy.

I b. Bartholomew McCrohan is a resident of Blarney (near the famous castle and kissing stone) in the county Cork. He's a sergeant in the Irish Police Force known as the Garda Siochana, nearing the age of retirement, he tells me. Bat, as he is dubbed by the Irish, was born and grew up in the Ballinskelligs area of Kerry and is acquainted with my McCrohan relations in that area, who were, as he says, the 'other' McCrohan family.  Bat sent me copies of correspondence he had with Jim McCrohan of St. Helena, California, which concerned the McCrohan genealogy.  He was good enough to give me the name of a Mrs. Anna Fullam in the county Kildare who, as it turned out, was a storehouse of McCrohan lore in the old country and in Spain, of all places. Anna's mother was a McCrohan born in the Cahersiveen area.

I c. P.J. McCrohan shop-owner in Cahersiveen town, who writes here to a Margaretta McCrohan who paid him a visit in his shop whilst visiting Ireland.

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