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From Anna Fullam's studies into the McCrohan Name
RE: MacCrohons (MacCrohans) of "origen Irlandés" in Spanish Navies (from dossiers in Spanish naval archives at El Viso del Marques, Spain.  Probably near naval base of city of Cadiz, west coast of Spain).

From the research of James McCrohan, Dallas, Texas.

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RE: MacCrohons (MacCrohans) of "origen Irlandés" in Spanish Navies (from dossiers in Spanish naval archives at El Viso del Marques, Spain.  Probably near naval base of city of Cadiz, west coast of Spain).


I. Don Eugenio MacCrohan married Dona Inez Blake (her mother was a Joyce) and their son, Manuel MacC. y Blake (Spaniards always put mother's name after father's name in their documents, etc.) was born in Puerto Sta. in 1816 (25/12th).  He was a "guardia marina" in 1834 and


- a Rear-Admiral in 1869, died 1877, while Captain General (since 1874) of the great naval base of Cadiz.


- up to 1864 he had served in 26 different ships - longest spell 2 years and 10 months in a famous brigantine, 'Jasson'.


- in 1847 he got his first command; had saved the steamship 'Churenca' in a storm off Cuba in 1842 - was based there 1840-45 and again 1850-52, when he was sent to England to take charge of an armament of new ships for Spain.


- back to Cuba 1854-55.  In 1861 commands the big frigate 'Concepcion'.


- in 1863 brought an important royal person (?) to England; back to Cuba 1864 and was Commander at Seville 1865-6 and in 


- 1871 was Commander in Chief and GOVERNOR GENERAL OF THE PHILIPPINE ISLANDS until 1874.  While there he  "merecio bien de la patria por el ataque de Joto" - one of the Philippines. (Who was attacking? -America?)


-Decorations included -

Cruz de la Marina 1852

Order of St. Jean de Jerusalem 1855

Order of Carlos III, 1856

Commendador de Isabel la Catolica 1870

Grand Cruz of same 1873. when he also got a 

Knightly Order from the King of Cambodia

Gran Cruz del Merito Naval 1873.

In 1856 a Mexican General reported on the

brilliant condition of his ships. 

His 1852 medal was for chasing Caribbean pirates!


II.  The son of above Manuel - Manuel MacCrohan y Seidel - also went to sea and seems to have been a remarkable young seaman.  He was born in Habana (now called Havana) in 1849 (1859 in record, but later dates contradict this!)


- Began as a "guardia marina" with 'very good grade' - was fluent in English, French, Italian and Portugese! and expert in Navigation.


- got his first command in 1868 - hardly aged 20.


- in 1969 he became personal A.D.C. to Captain-General at Cadiz.


- in 1876, he spent year in first Spanish steam ironclad 'Numancia'.  History of this ship is told in novel by Perez Galdos - 'La Vuelta al Mundode la Numancia' (?)


- He (Manuel MacC. y Seidel) was in Philippines in flagship 'Berenguela' under his father and took part in the 'Joto' attack 1874.  (In Numancia he was 3rd in command - a very young man!)


- In 1878-81 he had a remarkable spell commanding the gunboat "Crocodilo", conveying troops and supervising cable-laying and supervising the coast- guard on Spanish Mediterranean coast during which time the Admiral in charge of a Training Squadron gave him the most laudatory comendation.


- In 1881 he was Secretary to the Commander of the large Cadiz arsenal - La Carraca.


- Then on 4/8/1882 he died "from natural causes".  There are testimonials in the naval archives to his intelligence, enthusiasm, zeal and competence from his various captains.




The foregoing information was written by hand for me (Anna Fullam) by Captain John de Courcy Ireland, Caprera, Dalkey, Co. Dublin, who is Honorary Research Officer, Irish Commission on Maritime History.  He has spent his life connected with maritime affairs.  I am very grateful for his answers to my enquiries.  His book - "Irish in Maritime History" comes out in May 1985 or so.  MacCrohans are in  it of course!I




Family tradition - from Fernando Pulido y MacCrohon - now living Madrid, who came to Ireland in June 1962, and stayed with my family in Naas.


- That there was an island called "MacCrohon Island" among the Philippines called after his maternal ancestor, the Admiral who had been Governor General in 1871.




Dr. de Courcy Ireland is interested only in those MacCrohans who were in naval affairs.  There were brothers and sisters in these families.

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