McCrohans in Olden Kerry (from Genealogy Survey)
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Some notes from the research of Anna Fullam on McCrohans in Kerry through the ages. Includes census of McCrohans in Kerry around turn of the twentieth century...  

From the research of James McCrohan, Dallas, Texas.

Response from Mrs. Anna Fullam

Respondees from "Ireland"

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Books of Survey and Distribution.
Granted to Trinity College, Dublin

Leitir Owner- Crohan Mac Crohan 291 Acres
Rinard Owner- Crohan Mac Crohan 366 Acres
Kilcolman N; Owner- Crohan Mac Crohan 552 Acres
Kilcolman S; Owner- Crohan Mac Crohan 667 Acres

Note:- Kilcolman in Barony of Trughenacmy near Killorglin, not adjacent to Leitir or Rinard. Barony of Iveragh.


"The Mc. Crohans (off shoot of O'Sullivans) had a castle at Letter, near Caherciveen. Their lands were on South Side of Valentia Harbour from Caherciveen to Reencarnagh. They are now a great and flourishing family in Spain where so many of Old Kerry aristocracy found refuge in by gone days."


Letter:- 683 acres Barony Iveragh Parish of Caherciveen
Carhan:- 750 acres Barony Iveragh
Terrifer's Quarter:- 498 acres Barony of Corkaguiny Parish Dunquin
Kilcolman:- Parish in Barony of Trughenacmy


Commenced in 1657.
Crohan Mac Crohan of Leitir. (Wet hillside) Land given to Eager.
John Og Mc Crohan of Rinard.
Teig Mc Crohan of Leitir.
In 1641, John Og raised 40 companies of men for the wars.

In 1754 Daniel Mc Crohan was O'Connel's (Derrynane) Agent in wine and Brandy business between Ireland and France. Daniel Mc Crohan lived at Nantes and he wrote about Connell 0' Connell at Caen near Havre.

In 1776 Andrew Mc Crohan lived at Carhan.
Owen Mc Crohan lived at Portmagee.

MSS. List of Forfeiting Propietors. (followers of James II), outlawed by William III in Trinity College Dublin.

Cant. Donough Mc Crohan of Gurranebawn: 29th August. 1699.

Crohan Mc Crohan of Leitir: lst Sept; 1699.

EXTRACTS OF CORK NEWSPAPERS - compiled by late Basil M. 0 Connell.
(0'Connells intermarried with McCrohans,)

1973 Cork Evening Post, Jan 13th:

"Land at Ferriter's quarter at Dunquin Parish, Co. Kerry, lately advertised by
Joseph Mc Crohan. I and others have a judgement on the said lands and a
considerable part of the said lands are the estate of myself and Mrs Alice
Signed: Edward Donoghue.

1837 Evening Post, 14th October:

Died, Miss McCrohan of Hillgrove.

According to Jeremiah King (History of Kerry, London. 1908). Pg.222.

Mc CROHAN: -26 families in Kerry

John of Killahane.
James of Killorglin, .
Mary of Roxborough. .
Eugene of Curraghmore.
Eugene of Farranmanagh.
James of Barry's Land.
Pat of Knocknahaska. .,
Pat of Ballymanquin.
John or Banna.
Mary or Laharan.
John of Kilmalkedav.
John of Bally-brack.
Thomas of Blasket.
John of Coumenole, Dunquin. .
James of Main Street, Dingle.
Jeremiah of Gurrahadoo.
Par or Gowlanes.
Paul or Gourtnagree.
Denis of Beiginis, Caherciveen.
James - M. K, Connell of' Bolus-she died 1957, 99years.
Tim of Renard.
Bridget of Renard.
Ellen of Fair Green, Caher?
Michael of Killurley, near Caherciveen.
Michael of Reenncoola.

In 1769 John Mc Crohan of Ba!linahown, administrator for Daniel and Owen
Mc Crohan, sold at Caher a Turass, Murhur and Lisnalawn in Iveragh for 220
and went to North Carolina. His lands were bought by Rowland Blennerhasset
and the deed copy of sale is in possession of his great great granddaughter,
Mrs Dorothy Newman of New York (1972). In his will of 1789, John Mc Crohan
mentioned Fr. Owen Mc Crohan in Ireland who was to send a man to over see
his plantation.

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