1889 marriage certificate
Date: Thursday, 20 December 2001 @ 20:34:25 EST
Topic: My Family Tree

I placed a copy of my greatgrand parents marriage certificate in the gallery but failed to name it, it's therefore listed as MISCELLANEOUS.
From the marriage of Patrick McCrohan and Jane Connor there were 11 children, they are Ellie, James, Patrick, John, Hanna, Michael, Margaret, Maurice, Thomas, Timothy and Gerald. My Grandmother, Ellie was born in Ballymaquin in ...

My Grandmother, Ellie was born in Ballymaquin in 1900 and from the age of 4 until she was 10, lived a few cottages away at the residents of Nora McCrohan Halpin and her husband, Maurice, Nora being her Aunt. If anyone recognizes this branch of the McCrohans please feel free to contact me. Thank You, Thomas Dessent

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