New Survey
Date: Friday, 25 January 2002 @ 23:16:02 EST
Topic: The Website

Hi All,

As you probably know, I'm constantly trying to find ways to encourage participation in, and make the website easier to use. The new survey on the website is designed to get a feel for how you all feel about the privacy issue.

As you'll know, private information for people born less than 100 years ago is not visible in the family tree without a password, but I often wonder if folks are reluctant to share their personal stories because the Internet is such a wide-open space, and some might prefer to limit their audience when they tell a personal tale. I'm toying with the idea of making the site private i.e. that nothing could be seen unless a member logs in, thereby making a closed community. The irony is that this could either double the rate of participation or shut it down altogether. As this is our site, I want to put the question to the vote, and I'd be very interested to get your point of view.

All the best


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