McCrohans of Texas?
Date: Monday, 06 November 2000 @ 22:36:45 EST
Topic: My Family Tree

Posting on behalf of Bill McCrohan in Texas.
Can anyone help ....?
Mike McCrohan (Galway)

Hi my name is Bill McCrohan, I live in Texas and have two brothers. We are always wanting to know more about the McCrohan name, as our father who also lives in Texas never had the chance to meet and get to know his father Dan McCrohan...

My father's mother and his father seperated when he was but an infant. My father's grandmother who helped raise my father would not allow his father the right to visit him. My father always thought that his father never wanted to get to know him, but later found out that this was not true. After my father's grandmother passed away they found numerous letters that my father's father had written him, but his grandmother hid them from he and my grandmother. It is my understanding that my father's father was from the San Angelo, Texas area and later moved to the Las Cruces, New Mexico area. I am not sure how accurate this information is, but if by some chance you would have any information on McCrohan's in the Texas and New Mexico areas it would be greatly appreciated. I am 33 years old and hve never known any other McCrohans except for my father and 2 brothers. I would like this to change if at all possible. My e-mail address is Thank you, Bill McCrohan

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