Publicity featuring Valentia Island, Renard Point etc
Date: Sunday, 19 August 2007 @ 08:03:20 EDT
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With thanks to John McCrohan of Renard, County Kerry in Ireland for requesting a copy of this short publicity slot from Guinness, and sharing it with us.  This 4 megabyte film is of interest here, because it features background images of the Irish McCrohan heartland. 

To further put the film in context, I'm copying a short article from "The Kingdom" newspaper, which was published September 15, 2005.

Familiar faces on screen for new Guinness ad debut  (article from The Kingdom September 15, 2005)

EYE-catching scenery from across Kerry will feature in a new Guinness television advertisement which is due to be screened for the first time this Wednesday.
Entitled San Jose, the 40-second advertisement is the latest in the Guinness Quality campaign.

Guinness has a team of dedicated quality staff who travel to every pub in Ireland each month and work with the publicans in an attempt to ensure that every pint of Guinness is great. The ad shows one of the team on the job and, according to Guinness, the reference to San Jose and the role the Valentia ferry has to play in the promotion will become clear to the public when they see the advertisement for the first time.

The commercial includes scenes from Valentia Island, Renard Point, Caherciveen and Knightstown and the crew spent four days on location in South Kerry.

Great anticipation has been building in the locality as locals eagerly await the finished advertisement. Actor Seamus Hugh-son, whose parents hail from Kerry, is one of the main characters in the new campaign.

The Kerry connection is further strengthened with the appearance of local bars in the ad, and viewers from the county are sure to recognise the internal bar scenes from the Blind Piper Pub in Caherdaniel.

Tracy Atherton of Guinness, said: “We received a very warm welcome from the locals in Kerry during filming and it is a truly beautiful part of the country. The location was chosen because it had all the elements we were looking for in relation to this particular ad.

A total of €1million will be invested in the new execution and the ad will go on air on RTE1, RTE2, TV3 and TG4 on Wednesday, continuing to air until the end of October.

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