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Date: Sunday, 19 August 2007 @ 08:57:38 EDT
Topic: My Family Tree

Working through my backlog of documents to post, and came across the following documents contributed by John McCrohan of Renard (again).  John mentions in his email that he received them from InÚs in Buenos Aires, a descendent of Don JosÚ.

Unfortunately for some of us, the documents are in Spanish only, so it would be great if  there's anyone out there with the appropriate language skills who could translate these to English one day.

The Spanish Mac-Crohons constitute a major part of the story of our family name, and one I'm only beginning to discover.  I know that Anna Foley-Fulham in her time, and John McCrohan after her have both done research in this area and thanks to the latter we have these documents and some images in the Photo Gallery under "The Spanish Connection".

Another recent and exciting development here is the Mac-Crohon family tree which Alejandra Mac-Crohon has begun to enter on-line (see Family Tree, left panel).

You can download the documents referred to above here.

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