New branch of Family Tree Found
Date: Thursday, 23 December 2010 @ 15:39:01 EST
Topic: My Family Tree

I recently received an email from a Jane, stating that her father was Thomas F Crohan (O’Crohan) and his father was Thomas T. Crohan (O’Crohan) the son that went to America and his father was Tomas O’Crohan (The Islandman).

I had a suspicion that there were more children that survived The Islandman than Sean O'Crohan!

I am looking forward to visiting her next year in Springfield, MA. She has two brothers and naturally one's called Thomas Crohan!

She has done a bit of research herself and strongly believes that The Islandman had not 10, but 12 children! She said some of the names were 'recycled'..........possibly three!

I certainly have had a great and unusual Christmas present!

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